How to get rid of a dry scalp!!

How to get rid of a dry scalp!!

A dry scalp is caused by the scalp not having enough oil to keep the skin feeling lubricated. A dry scalp may seem like an issue itself but it can also cause a lot of damage to your hair and even causing the hair to fall out. In this blog we will share a few tips to help ensure your scalp is feeling as moisturised at all times!

1. Constantly moisturise your scalp! 
Depending on how dry your scalp is you will have to decide how many times a day you would like to apply product to your scalp. You can use both home made moisturisers or products that already exist and are medically proven to help stop your scalp drying up. Our flocohair suggestion would be the ‘sulfur8 medicated anti dandruff hair and scalp conditioner.

2. Shampoo less! 
Most people do not know that most shampoos are designed to take out everything in your hair including all the natural oils. Even though shampoo leaves your hair feeling very clean it can also dry your scalp very quickly. In addition, some shampoos can leave residue on your scalp causing irritation and a dry scalp. Reducing the amount of shampoo will reduce the chances of the shampoo during out your scalp and leaving residue behind that will later cause irritation.

3. Take cool showers
This tip for getting rid of dry scalp will also work for dry skin in general. Hot water is excessively drying, so the hotter your showers, the more of your skin’s natural moisture the water strips away. If your scalp is already dry and flaky, you might believe that taking a hotter shower will wash away any shampoo residues left behind and help resolve the problem. Unfortunately, this tends to have the opposite effect. Instead, take cooler showers, and be sure that you rinse your hair and scalp in cool water after showering. There’s a bonus: cool water rinses make your hair shinier, too, by flattening the cuticle and banishing frizz!
Pairing a cool shower with the sulfur8 medicated shampoo’ would also help to protect your scalp.

4. Exfoliate your scalp!

Most people take the time to exfoliate their skin, especially on their face, to reveal brighter, newer, and healthier skin below. Exfoliation is important for removing dull, dead, and dry skin, so it only makes sense that you should exfoliate your scalp, too. The best way to do this is to mix a bit of sugar (about a tablespoon) into your shampoo, then massage it into your scalp with your fingers. The sugar acts as a mild abrasive and will help remove dry skin, much like exfoliating agents for your face.

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